Professional Services

Professional Services

BankerDoge offers much more than just vaults. 

Private Vault Hosting

While almost every vault will be hosted on the BankerDoge app, we understand the value in having your holders be able to access everything about your project all in one place. 

We are able to work with your webmaster to host the vault on your site as well, with your branding, logos, links, and theme. With private vault hosting, you get the exposure from BankerDoge in addition to increased website retention for your holders. 


If you are interested, make sure to indicate that you want private vault hosting when filling out the form, and we can work with your webmaster to get a scope of effort.

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Governance Systems

BankerDoge can add a governance system to your project, so your holders can vote on anything from major project decisions to charity contributions. 

With the governance system, admins are able to create proposals that the community can vote on, with their vote being proportionate to the amount of the tokens that they hold. This system also works with our staking vaults, so users can vote even when their tokens are getting rewards in the vault!

Integrated Purchasing

BankerDoge has partnered with an integrated purchasing specialist company. With this, we can help you set up a place for people to easily swap tokens or even buy your token with a credit card, directly from your site!