Vaults are the backbone of many of the features that BankerDoge offers. A vault is a place where users are able to deposit their tokens in exchange for a reward. BankerDoge is able to customize each vault to the requirements of the project, so every vault fits perfectly for the holders. You can find our current vaults at app.bankerdoge.com.

Vault Features


The basic staking vault allows users to participate in the vault in exchange for tokens. Stakers get rewards proportionate to the share of the staking pool that they own. For instance, a staker who is 10% of the staking pool will receive 10% of each reward distribution. 

Reward pools can be funded several ways, including:

  • Entry and exit fees
  • Tokenomic contributions
  • LP funds
  • Airdrops
  • And more!

All of our vaults support tokenomics, so your holders can still earn rewards from transactions while they are staked in the vault.

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Time Locking Tokens

Outside of basic staking, BankerDoge also offers the time locking in two forms: voluntary and required.

  • In voluntary time locking, users can choose to stake with unlocked tokens which can be unstaked at any time, or with locked tokens. The locked tokens are committed to the vault for an amount of time chosen by the user, and in exchange the user gets a bonus to their rewards. 
  • With required time lock, users must commit their tokens to the vault for a certain amount of time in order to be eligible for rewards. The bonus for longer lock times is still available.

For example, a vault might exist where users must stake their tokens in order to be eligible for rewards, and can get a 0-5% bonus to those rewards depending on how long they lock their tokens for.

Customizable Vault Requirements

Each vault has a variety of requirements that can be customized by the project through the use of an admin panel. This includes fees on entry and exit for

  • Rewards Pool
  • Early Withdraw Fee
  • Charity
  • Burn Wallet
  • Admin Fee (To go to your team)
  • Automatic Buyback

There are several more features and options that the vault can use to perfectly fit your needs!

Admin Panel

Each vault will have an administrator panel, allowing the project developers access to change certain options and to look up relevant information. Through the admin panel, you can:

  • Distribute rewards
  • Contribute additional rewards
  • Look up wallet stake status
  • Adjust select fees


Future Vault Types

We have several vault types planned for development, including:

  • Lossless Lottery
  • NFT Lottery
  • Lending Vault

We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the platform! If you want to see a new kind of vault, please suggest it here.