While an outline is included below, our live roadmap can be found here:

Q2 2021
Stage 0 - Team Building and Testnet Launch

Stage zero focused on building the initial pieces of the project, creating the vault and token smart contracts, and testing them thoroughly before launch.

This includes:

  • Building Interest
  • Launching Social Media
  • Fully Doxxing the Team
  • Building Partnerships

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Q3 2021
Stage 1 - Mainnet Launch

Stage one focuses on successfully launching the BankerDoge token, Vaults platform, and voting application on the BSC mainnet.

After launch, we will complete our applications to major listing services and our first centralized exchange.

Goals of Stage 1 include:

  • Release the Website
  • Publish an Extensive Whitepaper
  • Launch Token Pre-Sale
  • Get on Listing Apps (CoinSniper, CoinHunt, CoinMooner, etc.)

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Q3 2021
Stage 2 - Partnerships/Marketplace Adoption

In stage two, we will increase our presence on major platforms, media and exchanges, partner with additional projects, and to continue building our community.

This includes:

  • Apply for CoinGecko
  • Apply for CoinMarketPlace
  • Solidify Influencer Partnerships

We aim to reach major milestones for total donations to charity during this stage.

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Q4 2021
In Progress
Stage 3 - Platform Decentralization

We expect to decentralize the vaults application during stage three, allowing for anyone to create a vault for their token. 

This also marks the development team's shift to focusing on the beta release of the DeFi lending platform.

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Q1 2022
Coming Soon
Stage 4 - DeFi Lending Platform Launch

The security audit and beta release of the DeFi lending platform will be launched on the mainnet during this time along with our 3rd marketing campaign shortly after.

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Q2 2022
Coming Soon
Stage 5 - Future Plans

As the project develops, we expect new technologies to be released that we may want to incorporate into the Altruism Protocol or to build on. Stage five is where we will implement those ideas.

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