The Altruism Protocol Ecosystem

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What is the Altruism Protocol Ecosystem?


The Altruism Protocol Ecosystem is the combination of Altrucoin and BankerDoge working together to provide Decentralized Financial (DeFi) services, including lending, to the world of cryptocurrency. It will start on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and expand to other blockchains in the future. 

Altrucoin and BankerDoge will exist as 2 interconnected projects as part of the ecosystem. BankerDoge will be the staking system and provide funds for Altrucoin. Altrucoin will be the DeFi lending platform lending out tokens from the BankerDoge vaults and providing them with increased staking rewards from loan interest.

Altrucoin Token:

The Altrucoin token will be the primary collateral token of the lending platform. It can be used as collateral for any loan that is taken out, with a discount compared to other collateral such as BUSD or BNB. In the future, fees for the token would be reduced and the price made more stable to make it a more appealing option to use as collateral. Altrucoin will also be the governance token of the Altrucoin project.


The BankerDoge platform will focus on creating unique staking systems (vaults), token partnerships, and other professional services for token projects. Some vaults will include loaning, and will be used to provide funds that will be loaned out on the Altrucoin platform in exchange for increased rewards through interest earned by those loans.


Altrucoin Holders

  • Hold Altrucoin in their wallet, receiving token reflection/redistribution.
  • Stake Altrucoin inside a vault on BankerDoge for rewards.
  • Price increases from people buying Atrucoin in order to post collateral in the DeFi lending platform.
  • Altrucoin’s price and vault rewards will also be increased by token vaults that use the “Vault Participation Fee”.
  • Vault APYs will also be increased through interest from paid back loans.
  • Altrucoin will also be the utility token for future features in the Altrucoin project.

BankerDoge Holders

  • Holding BankerDoge in their wallet, receiving token reflection/redistribution.
  • Staking their BankerDoge tokens in the staking vault for added rewards.
  • BankerDoge price and vault APY will also be increased by rewards from other token vaults.
  • BankerDoge price increases from users who are required to buy BankerDoge to enter/exit token vaults.
  • Vault APYs will also be increased through interest from paid back loans.
  • BankerDoge will also be the utility token for future features in the BankerDoge project.

Ecosystem Operations Example

Let’s take a look at how the system might work:

The Altrucoin application allows Alex to either convert other coins to Altrucoin, or to purchase Altrucoin directly from the website with a debit card. She can use $X worth of Altrucoin, or more than $X worth of BUSD as collateral. Alex chooses Altrucoin and receives the loan of SafeMoon.

Alex immediately starts paying principal plus interest on the loan through the Altrucoin application. The interest goes to the SafeMoon Lending Vault, rewarding those who provided the initial SafeMoon tokens.

Safemoon does 5x in a week, and Alex is rich! At this point, one of two things will happen: she either pays back the entire loan or defaults on the loan.

If she pays it back:
Alex continues to pay back the interest and principal through the Altrucoin application. At the end of the last payment, she gets the collateral back. Alex made extra money, and so did the people who participated in the Lending Vault.

If she defaults on the loan:
The Altrucoin application sees that Alex has not paid on time and marks the loan as default. Enough collateral to cover the remaining loan is liquified and converted, then deposited into the SafeMoon Lending Vault. Those who participated in the Lending Vault still made their money back.